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Rabbit Pin                                                    



Did the Hare beat the Tortoise ?


The Rabbit is perched on the tower,
it rotates, so he can have the best view.

As he waits, and waits .....

Are you a Tortoise ?

Hurry, before the rabbit gets away !



This Sculpture is one of a kind,
made specifically for this
Green Onyx rabbit.


  • 14 K Yellow Gold
  • Single piece casting one of a kind.
  • Dimensions:
    30 mm wide   (about 1 3/16")
    50.7 mm high  (a bit under 2")
    7 mm deep    (a bit over 1/4")
  • Green Onyx rabbit carving
    9.5 mm wide
    11 mm high













Rabbit Pin   $653.00