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Bovine ...... pin                                                                                  




A mysterious prehistoric people carved & painted various cave walls in southern France.  When seen today it is quite clear that these artists intimately understood their animal subjects.  In La Madeleine, a cave in the Dordogne river valley a few sculptured functional objects were found.   A counter weight for a spear thrower carved as a Bison with a backward gaze peaked my interest and inspired this Bovine pin.





  • 53 mm long  (a little larger than  2"  )
  • 37 mm high  (a little less than   1  1/2"  )
  • 17 mm deep (a little larger than  5/8"  )


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Sterling Silver with a sand blasted satin texture
that is just coarse enough to imply a coat of hair.
Detailed features are relieved with high polish.
The two horns are solid 18 K yellow gold
and are applied.




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As Pictured :
Sterling Silver
& 18 K yellow Gold

Bovine Pin .....

 $ 585.00